Sunday, February 20, 2011

Court bans man with low IQ from having sex

Most women with idiotic ex-boyfriends and/or baby daddies would think this next story should be a revelation for Judges all over the world. Imagine if it was possible for someone to be banned from having sex because the powers that be thinks that they are not intelligent nor responsible enough to handle the possible consequences and repercussions that may be involved. AMEN! Well, this did happen somewhere, in the UK to be exact...

A 41 year-old, known only as Alan, who lives in the UK, has an IQ of 48, a moderate learning disability and has also now been banned from having sex by a high court judge.
In the United Kingdom's Court of Protection within the Office of the Public Guardian, the judge decided his “vigorous sex drive” was inappropriate and that he did not understand what he was doing. (I know a whole lotta people that fit this description)  A psychiatrist involved in the case even tried to prevent the man being given sex education, on the grounds that it would leave him “confused”.

Where did this all come from?

Kieron by the court. Alan was also accused of making lewd gestures at children in a dentists’ surgery and on a bus, although no police action was taken.

In June 2009 the town hall began court proceedings to restrict his contact with Kieron on the grounds that he lacked mental capacity, and an interim order was made to that effect.

“Since then Alan has been subjected to close supervision to prevent any further sexual activity on his part,” except when he is alone in his bedroom.
The Judge thinks that Alan should not be allowed to have sex with anyone on the grounds that he did not have the mental capacity to understand the health risks associated with his actions. Under the judge’s order, the man is now subject to “close supervision” in order to ensure he does not break the highly unusual and unfair order. The judge said it requires an understanding and awareness of the “mechanics of the act”, “that there are health risks involved” and that sex between a man and a woman may lead to pregnancy.  He said that the psychiatrist thought Alan “believed that babies were delivered by a stork or found under a bush”, and that “sex could give you spots or measles”.
Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, (IN THE UK) its judges have the power to make life or death decisions for people deemed to lack the intelligence to make them for themselves – such as ordering that they undergo surgery, have forced abortions, have life-support switched off or be forced to use contraception.

On that basis the judge ruled that Alan did not have the capacity to consent to sex, but also ordered that the council should provide him with sex education “in the hope that he thereby gains that capacity".

So, what do you think, could this fly in America?

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