Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey It's Valentine's Day, and I Didn't Get Arrested!

Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers out there. No matter whether your married, boo'ed up, or supa-fly and single...Happy Valentine's / Single's Awareness Day!!! Make sure to surround yourself with love, wherever you may find it! 

The longer I am married the more I realize that nothing is that serious, time-sensitive or high-pressured anymore when it comes to holidays, especially Valentine's Day. Hubby and I are perfectly happy waiting for the weekend to go to dinner or on any other type of date because we realize that (1) the price mark-up and crowds will no longer be a problem and (2) it will be more convenient for our baby sitter. And let's face it, we are all just overall better people and easier to be around on the weekends. But Guess what? If the weekend comes and goes and we still don't get to it, there will be another Valentine's Day next year. 

MY FAVORITE ROMANCE MOVIES: Love Jones, Lady & The Tramp, (and the new favorite) Wall-E, Titanic & Love Actually

MY FAVORITE ROMANCE STORIES: Memoirs of A Geisha, The Notebook, Romeo & Juliet 

ALL TIME FAVORITE COUPLES: Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis, Barak and Michelle Obama and Cliff and Claire Huxtable (I know they are not real but It's my blog and I can put them if I want) 

This year, so far, we opted to stay in. Nunu and I made Hubby a heart shaped cake. Hubby brought home dinner from one of our fav restaurants and we ate at the dining room table together as a family. Then, we all danced in the living room to Black Eyed Peas, until someone had a tantrum because she ran out of Nerds candies. 

I know this is sort of a boring post given my unexciting romance life, but at least I didn't get arrested for being naked and bound in the back of a Subaru. However, I will end the night tied to something and enjoying it in the comforts of my own bedroom, and that friends would be what we call, "Grown Folks Business" and the content for another type of blog entirely. Have a great night and Happy Valentine's Day! 

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