Friday, July 9, 2010

A 14-Year old Discusses Racial Stereotypes and Cliques in Schools


My 14-Year-old “little” cousin Ms. Cheyanne Akmal was published in The Orange County Register. As if her being published weren’t enough she actually wrote an amazing and insightful article about racial stereotypes. From a perspective that most adults find challenging relating to she is able to channel emotions from a place of sheer candid thought. Here is a little of her article:

[I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I stared at the bar and prepared to jump. I took my first step as I started my approach. I took another step and another. I picked up speed and jumped. I cleared 4 feet 8 inches. I had won the Eighth Grade District Girls High Jump. This was something I really worked for, something I was proud of, something special, but one guy shattered that for me – the opposing team's coach.

Four words made me ashamed of who I was: "It's because she's black." Now these words really angered me. To him I didn't win because I had talent. I didn't win because I worked really hard at this or because I am a good athlete. I won because of the color of my skin, because of the way my hair curls back, because of a stereotype. ] Read More…

I am very proud of her and also very excited for her future writing career. I love when young people are thinking and opinionated.

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