Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tales from the Paper-Cut Trenches: Esther the Cranky

I think it's time to tell some tales of my days at work. There are always stories of genuine interest, exciting intrigue oh, and haterism.

There are many annoying people at work. I mean who doesn't have annoying people at their office. But I have one person in particular, Esther.

Oh boy, Esther. She is the type of person that every budding career starting guppy fears. The bitter experienced person that is assigned to show you the ropes and make you feel at home but secretly hates the shit out of you because you are a faster, younger and smarter model of what they used to be. Think how Madonna must feel standing next to Lady GaGa, sure she isn't above cutting a single with her since she knows it will make her a buck but she is not above punching her in the ovaries if she had the chance. That's Esther.
Side Note: At work, I am a machine. I get a task, I complete it. I rename the email that I recieved with the task "(Completed)" I drag it into my "Completed Tasks" folder and I move on to the next task. In my downtime, I read the rules for all the court juristictions that I have cases in. If that's done, I go through all my cases double checking my calendaring, filing and documents. I don't ever waste time wondering why an attorney wants something done, why the court wants something a certain way or any of that Jazz. I just do it. I'm a doer. Not a complainer. I HATE COMPLAINERS. Esther is a Certified Guaranteed Complainer.
She complains when she gets to work about the traffic. She complains about her lack of sleep before she left work because she had to get in the traffic. She complains about the work she gets when she gets TO work.
I will talk more of her in future posts. I just thought I should introduce her.

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