Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Kiss-Mas Momma and Daddy!

"Merry Kiss-Mas Momma and Daddy!", says Nunu as she awakes on Christmas morning. I woke her as I usually do by picking her up gently and rubbing her back. I wanted to wait until Daddy woke up so I tried to keep her in her room. I had also promised my mom the night before Christmas that she could come and see her open her presents. Even though when I called her she refused to come but that's another story.

Since she is only 20 months old, Nunu had no idea it was Christmas so she was very content with eating her cereal while watching cartoons in her room. This was great because it allowed me to have my coffee and wake up completely. But once she got started it was on an crackin'.

As she ripped through her parcels, she uncovered a Disney Princess tea set, golf set, toy firetruck and mega blocks, and boring clothes and hats.

While the Christmas tree glowed gleefully, my husband showered me with gifts and kisses. We drank warm hot cocoa and played with the new toys while Christmas movies played on TV all morning. It was a reminder of why I wanted to start a family. The memories are so thick and delicious. 

Later that day we visited with Hubby's grandparents, my aunts house (a zoo filled with people and presents) and finally his other grandparents in Fullerton. Nunu collected so many gifts that there will be a surplus packed away for her birthday in March. She was so overwhelmed that she refused to open anymore packages by the time we arrived at the last relatives house. I love that our family spoils her but I want to make sure that she knows the true meaning of Christmas. So, the next day we picked out older "baby toys" to give to the younger babies at the daycare.

Yes, Snoopy HAD to be in the picture!

The weekend was quiet and just what I needed after the week of being "surprise" manager at the firm. It gave me some perspective of what I do it all for.

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