Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Birthday Time! One for My Baby, Two more for the Road

Today was Nu-Nu baby's birthday, her 2nd birthday. I told myself that we would keep is small this year. Last year for her 1st birthday we had a large party with lots of people, food, bounce house, games and music. You know the whole enchilada. But not this time. We were thinking we may make a big deal for the milestone birthdays; 5, 10, 16, 18... It's just too much stress and money having the big party every single year.

This year she will have pizza party at her school with her friends. She will also have story time and puppet show at the historic Los Angeles Central Public Library with family. Every Saturday the downtown L.A. grand library has this, it's free and fabulous!

I think that may be enough. I know all this and I have decided all this for a few months now, so why do I still feel guilty. I get angry with my inner guilt bug because I don't know what else I can tell myself.

I think it's a non stop internal struggle, but that's parenthood for you.

Skip to the after show:

The puppet show was incredible. We ended up getting a private room at Panda Express (yes, they have a private room) which is Jolie's favorite, and chowed down on Chinese junk food and cupcakes. The kids got hyped up on sugar and ran a muck it was great!

Nunu enjoyed the day minus a few toddler meltdowns but what do you expect with 2-5 year olds listening to books being read for 2 hours?

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