Sunday, March 6, 2011

Secret Message From an Insider, Toddler "Rape" Post Rises Again

On February 26, 2010, My post entitled "2yr old Toddler is Raped by Family Friend at Seaworld" was written as all of my posts are with the intent on informing others about the legal news that can possibly affect the safety and health of our American families. My goal is to spread information that may not be readily available to others in hopes that it may help someone. Of course my posts have a comical side which is all in jest but every now and then, I find a piece of news that upsets my core. Sometimes makes me want to scream the news from the rooftops if it could possibly mean it doesn't happen again. This post was one of those. This evening when I logged in to find this super long comment from "Someone on the Inside" I was at first disturbed that this person would be possibly defending a rapist. Then I decided that that would be close-minded of me. I also decided that I created this blog as a forum. A place for working mothers and fathers to discuss the real issues out there that could affect us as a whole. So, I am reposting the shocking comment below. Do you think this is a real person that may possibly know the mother of the allegedly raped toddler? What do you think of her comment?

[Warning: I didn't spell check I thought I would keep it authentic.]

"He's actually a really nice guy who I want to believe is innoccent. There is so much more to this story the media doesn't know. First off was not a stranger. He was a co-worker and family friend. They planned this trip together to the park. So don't blame the parents for leaving the child with him. I even trust him enough I wouldn't have thought twice about it. The media also fails to mention the 2 year old's older brother was also left with him. So he wasn't alone with the child. They were in a public place, so anything that happened could have been viewed by others. The mom comments "my son said he was watching a lizard and the park wasn't crowded." It's still hard for me to understand how nothing would have been notcied. Everywhere on the internet and news it says he raped her. The mother of the child has told me that supposedly he only took pictures of her child. There was no apparent physical harm done to the child. The parents of the girl didn't notice anything wrong. The only reason this was brought up to the attention of the authority and the parents is because his wife "discovered" the images on the phone. She usually has his phone, so why would he put/keep pictures on his phone if he were sick enough to take them? Maybe he did take them and intended to delete them after he e-mailed them, but if that were so why would he wait until later to email them? Photoshop can create anything. Changing the time in the phone then taking a picture of a picture would give the illusion they were taken earlier. I'm not saying he is for sure innocent, but only opening your eyes to other possible explainations. His wife reported it to a cop who happens to be living in their home. A cop she also happens to be having sexual relations with. I can see both sides- if he's guilty, then who else would she trust to tell her discovery to besides not only an officer, but a family friend and love interest? However it makes you wonder is there a huge scandal going on? The mom's boyfriend is also the father of the child, and her recent ex-husband as of few weeks past. So everyone that has bashed her on other blogs for not being with the father and with a new boyfiend is wrong. They are still together, in some way that doesn't make sense to me, because she hated him a month ago and talked about how excited she was to get a divorse. Yet they now suddenly hang out together all the time? Irrelavant for the most part, though interesting when you know the flirtations that went on between the mother and the accused. I personally thought they had something going on behind the scenes. Basically to sum it up, there are many twists and unknown points to this that make you question. Just reading the news report gives a horrible one-demention view. I personally know everyone invoved in this. Regardless of how this ends it's a shame because now many lives are screwed forever. Two families will never be friends anymore. A marraige is over. Childrens' lives are tarnished. Guilty or not, the reports will remain on the internet and his record, even if just as dismissed or dropped. Who's more hurt, a two year old that will never remember what did or didn't happen unless told, or his children who share the same last name and may have to explain where their dad is one day to classmates? Type his name into any search engine and you can only guess the horror that may come."


  1. She sounds like a real person to me... And this may be irrelevant, but it sounds like a woman wrote it. She does sound authentic and makes valid points, but... It would be very interesting to know exactly how she is related in all this. Although she is seemingly objective, I would be more convinced if I knew how she fit into the puzzle.

  2. I agree that it may possibly be a real person. It's kinda scary and flattering at the same time that she found the blog. Now, I only hope that what she is saying is true. I hope that baby wasn't raped because that is just a horrible thought. I only wish the best for all those involved. Thank you for the comment BTW.