Saturday, August 14, 2010

Found on the Web: Mama of the Year Moment

One of the funniest articles I have read in a very long time came from the creative mind of my friend Sarah aka The Crazy Baby Momma. In the spirit of all L.A. Mommas trying to make it with a toddler I belly laughed at her attempt to do the simplist task. Sometimes as a mom we find us having to crack the code of the CIA just to have one moment of normal. In this adventure of Sarah's proves you see this phenomena take place. I just had to re-post an excerpt here for all of you. So here it is, "Mama of the Year Moment: Going out in LA... with Kids!

"In theory, it could have been a lovely evening for the four of us. But Mama of the Year over here forgot to pack snacks. And diapers. And Percoset. I had managed to pack my lipgloss and mirror because I clearly have my priorities straight.

Really, the 12 minute car ride of doom itself should have made us turn around: Benjamin spent most of it screaming like a pig getting, um, violated, but it was Saturday night in LA, and no matter what, I was determined that my friend and I would hit the town. Even if hitting the town meant leaving the kids in the car and cracking a window. Even if hitting the town included an infant and a toddler..."

Check it out here...

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