Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bengals Cheerleader Accused Of Shagging A Footballer Gets $11 Million Judgment

cincinnati_bengals_cheerleadersU.S. District Judge William Bertelsman ordered a gossip blog called TheDirty.com to pay Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones $11 million for libel and defamation resulting from allegedly false accusations that Jones had sex with Bengal football players and had two venereal diseases.

Sarah Jones repeadedly requested for the site to take down the posts. Jones claims that TheDirty.com cause havoc throughout her life.

Embarrased, she was forced to face fellow teachers, cheerleaders and not to mention the Bengal's fiancee to explain that the posts weren't true; because cheerleaders are not allowed to fraternize with player, her job was put on the line.

Her work e-mail was flooded with crude e-mails from random people who saw the posts. Leaving the principal of her school no choice but to review the security camera footage after one postalleged she was having sex in her classroom.

Jones' lawyer was hopeful that Jones would be able to collect on the judgment, according to Cincinnati.com. He said the "the site is operated by a limited liability cooperation that 'apparently is doing pretty well' and is backed by investors who he will attempt to expose.

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