Friday, September 24, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Goes Directly To Jail. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200.


Lindsay Lohan a.k.a. Miss Snow Globe of America 2010 was ordered back to jail again today for violating her probation.

It was a very brief hearing in that Judge Elden Fox laid down the sentence. The Judge called the hearing following a bench warrant he issued for Lohan based on a probation report "indicating a positive test for a controlled substance." Under the terms of her probation, if Lohan missed a drug test or got a positive result, she could face 30 days in jail. But it was ultimately the decision of the judge whether to send Lohan to jail or try another round of drug treatment. Guess he didn't think rehab would be in the cards for her this time.

Awaiting further information from probation officials, the Judge ordered Lohan into custody without bail and set an Oct. 22 court date. This is just to give him time to figure out her condition based on the positive test. Lohan's attorney asked to be heard on the issue of bail but the judge declined.

Brought out of the court in handcuffs, the 24-year-old actress showed no emotion. Maybe she thought it would be seen as only an act?  

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