Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Journey Begins: Getting Personal, Law School Style

Today I went to the Law School Admissions Council Forum. It was a culmination of all the law schools across the country in one room with their admissions counselors available for questioning.

There were a few seminars which provided panels and options for Q & A on various subjects. I chose to attend the seminar on "How to get the best of this forum" (because I never know what to do at these things), "The Application Process" (because I am totally intimidated by the massive applications that law schools present) and "Diversity in Law Schools" (obviously because I'm Black or African American, whichever makes you more comfortable.)

Overall it was awesome to be in the trenches with my fellow prospective students (Nervous Nellies). Hoarding of admissions officers, long lines, hot rooms filled with blazers and hairspray, massive amounts of school marketing materials was the name of the game. Oddly enough, I loved it! It was so exciting to be in the land of learning again. Just the gathering of information about my future school experience gave me a whiff future accomplishment. Oh the sweet smell of baking accomplishment.

As I sit now folding the baby's clothes, (because reading any of those materials proves impossible due to the baby and husband constantly interrupting my efforts) I realize that my brain is in information overload. Tossing back and forth all the facts and figures of each institution. Median LSAT scores, Average GPAs and Class Sizes. A mesh of the various program options, school admissions application schedules and student organizations floats before my fore mind. Where will I go? What will it be like? Something to ponder and something to look forward to, The journey begins.

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