Friday, June 17, 2011

Finding a Twin, Makes Me Feel Inspired

This is not Michelle Williams Court, but the picture goes with the point I'm making. LOL

Totally obsessed with powerful and successful African American women. It is the ultimate high to see women that are making an exceptional spectacle of themselves in a world where men dominate. In law school, women represent 50% of the students. However, women are only 16-18% of the equity partners in law firms. The percentages are not inspirational for a woman that is interested in going into law. One can choose to look at the dirt or look at the roses growing from the dirt. I am not interested in dirt. Because it's, well, not as interesting as the roses.

While researching Loyola Law School, one of my choices for applications this year, I found the student blog section on their website. I figured this would be the best place to look in order to learn more about the opportunities available to the students within the school environment. A student liaison spoke about the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles. This is where I found, Michelle Williams Court. A fellow African American female attorney for Bet Tzedek who was named by Daily Journal as one of the Top Women Lawyers Under 40. This is a big deal because Michelle's story grabbed me as it paralleled my experiences growing up. As I did, she grew up in a poverty stricken neighborhood where she was bused into a more influential neighborhood for schooling. This is when she was first introduced to a "different" environment. Like Michelle, this is when I first realized what "different" meant.

The real life education about the disparity that exists in our society between the wealthy and the poor influenced her decision to become a lawyer. To become a lawmaker, a life changer, a people mover. This is also my reason. It feels good to see a woman that looks like me, having the same inspiration and following through. At her firm, Michelle started a receivership program where she helps turn slum properties into affordable housing. Making a step to correct what she saw as a little girl.

Along with our similar dreams, Michelle's personal life mirrors mine as well. She is a mother and a wife. She has only been an attorney for 12 years and is now 39 which means she started law school around the same time I will be. I am so excited I found this article. Just a bit of inspiration to round out the week. If you have a dream, seek out those that are like you that have already achieved it. It is a MAJOR motivator. I know it is for me. Happy Friday.

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