Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Quary Family Home: Backyard Boogie - Week One

This border area in the yard, Hubby started on Sunday.

Will look like this...We hope.
The Family Quary has decided to remodel our backyard!

After 2 years of living here in our inherited 1929 Californian bungalow home, we have finally decided to do something about the boring lawn stretching from our backdoor to the back wall. At least 2000 sqft of lawn. Yes, we have our work cut out for us.

We currently have a swing set/playground out there and an orange tree. Yup, that's it. We would like to add plants, water features, veggie garden and a patio and barbecue pit. Hubby says he needs a deadline in order to commit to this project so it is currently set for July 23rd.

So piece by piece we will get it done. I got so excited by the small border that he dug up that I ran out to Home Goods and purchased a gardening tool belt, tools, a hose, watering can and other miscellaneous items. I can't wait to have this garden as a serene place to pour all my anxious energy into. This will be the perfect place to work on my personal statements and in the future, my law school papers. It will be fun for Nunu to help plant. It will also give Hubby something else to whine about doing but secretly love. I can't wait. This will definitely be my favorite of the home projects.

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