Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Woman Sues Federal Government For NOT Deporting her Husband

Mrs. Uzamere should've read the fine print.
In Uzamere v. Bush, et al., Cheryl D. Uzamere alleged that her "American" husband Ehigie Edobor a.k.a. "Goodwin" Uzamere was a ringleader in a green card scam marriage. After filing her complaint with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Office in 1980 Mrs. Uzamere pursued her allegations in the Federal Court system.

She claims that her husband, Mr. Uzamere tricked her into signing his immigration paperwork and ultimately abandoned her and their daughter. She claims that she had no idea his name was fictitious, that he was not a United States citizen and that he had obtained entrance into the United States illegally. She claims that Mr. Uzamere, a Nigerian Senator, and his immigration attorneys created this scheme to outsmart someone that had no knowledge of the law or his true origin.

I was beginning to feel sorry for the woman, but then the case took a unusual turn: The funny part of this case is that in addition to suing the husband and his attorneys she is also going after New York State (yes, the entire state) , New York State Grievance Committee for the 2nd and 11th Departments, City of New York (yes, the entire city), New York City Police Department, New York City Human Resources Administration / Department of Social Services, Google Corporation (yes, the entire Google) and YouTube Corporation (same here), Condoleeza Rice (what did she do?), Michael Chertoff, Julie Myers, The United States Of America (ok, wow), United States Department of State, United States Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services, United States Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Why? Because she thinks that they should have known that he was lying.  She believes that they should have discovered the fraud and uncovered the truth. See the remainder of the complaint here.

There is no surprise that Mrs. Uzamere's complaint was dismissed for not stating a claim as to the Federal government defendants and for having a frivolous cause. But it sure was entertaining!

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