Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why Is My Kid In A Cap and Gown?

Today was difficult for me. A friend texted a picture of the NuNu in a cap and gown holding a certificate. Now, to anyone that may not know any different this may seem innocent. My first thought and response to this picture was "OOOOOOKKKKK, why is my kid in a cap and gown?" Her response was that she was having a graduation ceremony at the local library. Cute. But why wasn't I there? Someone neglected to tell me about it.

The daycare that NuNu attends is at a woman's home. She has approximately 20 children and 5 helpers. She is a very sweet older lady with a stern hand. I love how NuNu has developed over the year she has been in attendance. She knows her letters, numbers, shapes and colors. She has great communication and social skills as well as incredible motor skills. She is all in all a relatively smart kid. The facility is clean and warm. Everyone that works there seems to genuinely enjoy the children. I have been pretty happy with her being there. Except for one thing... communication with the parents.

There are no calendars or newsletters that go out to us parents to make sure we know what is up and coming in our children's lives. It usually is no big deal. Or at least I tell my control freak-ness to stay at bay and PRETEND it is NO big DEAL. She tells us the day of the field trip if they are going on one. The most notice she has ever given us is maybe a day or two but that type of notice hasn't been often. But to miss an event like this, is NOT OK.

Not only did I not know that the graduation happened. I don't know WHERE it happened or WHAT it was for. I am not sure what she was thinking. Did she think I wouldn't think it was that big of a deal? That I wouldn't want to come? Did she think there wouldn't be enough room for all the parents? IDK But what I do know is that it was not her decision to think for me. What I also know is that the first time my baby had a graduation gown on with a hat and tassel, I missed it. I wasn't there. And call me a weirdo, it BROKE my heart. I cried and raged.

Needless to say, I will be talking to the daycare owner tomorrow about the situation. I am going to offer her my services as a member of the parents to assist with calendaring. If she doesn't have the staff and the time to do it, I will be there to help. But this can never happen again. In the meantime, I will be looking for a new preschool.

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