Saturday, January 22, 2011

Funniest Facebook Conversation Ever...Hint: It Has To Do With Hotties and Coconuts

Oh, It looks so Innocent doesn't it.
Authentic Legal Disclaimer: (not really I just think it sounds legal-ish when I read it aloud) Names and Faces May Be Omitted To Protect The Identities Of Others. (Unless she tells me it's ok, in which case I will edit her back in.)

Her On Tuesday:
Excited about my coconut water I bought today. Loving the benefits coconuts offer.

Mental flash to last saturday, when I went to a Sprouts for the first time. I was so astounded with the invigorating farm produce selection and mesmerized by the all encompassing homeopathy section, that I entered a punch drunk state of being. I found myself grabbing items that I not only didn't need, but I didn't really want either it seems. While in the checkout line, my mommy/wifey beacon glimmered brightly, illuminating this rather large cylindrical display of COCONUT WATER(It's even named after a organic substance, this must be good for you) So I read the can, great benefits. I check out the other people in my close vicinity also taking several cans. I see that they are on sale so I grab'em. I figure it's worth a shot.

As soon as I get home, I drink awaiting the unadulterated quench mixed with an instantly healthier body. (I have no idea what I thought would happen, I just knew that it would make me better some how.) I drink.

Instantly, I run to the sink and spit it out. This was so gross I couldn't stand it. It tastes like taking the oil bits left in the Italian dressing bottle, mixing it with chicken grease and then mixing it aga with a pina colata and letting that chill on ice for an hour.

Suffice it to say when I saw this comment. I had to respond.

Me on Tuesday: I bought some coconut water and I can't do it, I need some pineapple or something to mix in. I know it's good for me but SO gross.

Her on Tuesday: Is it really Jaz? :( LOL

Me on Tuesday: Well, i think its cuz im not a milk drinker anyway so it grosses me out. lol I bet it's good with rum. (Everything's good with rum)
Her on Tuesday: LMFAO!!! OMG, that defeats the purpose of its benefits!

Me on Wednesday: But so yummy! LOL j/k

I tried to warn her. Time goes on. I forget about the whole conversation, until tonight.

(yes, that many "U"s and that many "E"s)

 I "Like" the comment.


Her on Friday: *BARF* Jaz, why didn't you tell me it tastes like what purified horse shit would smell like?

Another Commenter: Oh, I thought you knew. It's great for you..if you can get it down. :/     (apparently, I wasn't the only one punch drunk in the grocery store)

Her on Friday: T, I couldn't get it down. I was so excited the other day to have it in my fridge. Guess them mofos will be in there for decoration...

Me on Friday: I tried to tell you....LMAO LOL LMAO I thought you had tasted it before. It looks appetizing on the outside of the can, tho. LOL LMAO

Another Commenter: LOL...I remember your excitement! I went through the same thing...I threw it away.

Her on Friday: OMFG... I will give you credit for telling me it was nasty, but DAYUM!! Not that grotesque!!!!!

Me on Friday: I mixed it in the baby's milk.

Her on Friday: LMFAO!!! Poor baby J!!! :'(

Me on Friday: Couldn't just let it go to waste. I was so excited about it when I bought it too, I had 5 cans!
Her on Friday: I have 5 also. They'll just have to take up space. Maybe I'll make the cat drink em... LMAO

Me on Friday: It's an acquired taste.
A Different Commenter: that shit is bomb!

Her on Friday: O good. Now my coconut water has a new home!

LOL. *smile*

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